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my journal to healing


there is more to your beauty then the physical be kind, be humble, and love fiercely in this you will always be beautiful Satnam is a...

our home in the sky

we are like the moon through our different phases the darkness and the light we are always still whole #whenwebreak

My Book is Coming Along

Wow- I have been endlessly working and searching for how to move forward. I got a rough copy of my book from Amazon (amazing to feel it...


fall in love with the little moments stay connected fight to continue to stay connected it isn’t easy but i believe falling in love with...


during one of the hardest times of my life i also felt the greatest amount of love you can't have one without the other you have to allow...


grateful, thankful, overwhelmed with joy what an opportunity i’ve had to backpack Europe for the past 2 ½ weeks carrying out my high...


once you break some things will never be the same ~relearning to find the sun #whenwebreak


it is a choice to choose happiness and you can commit to that choice no matter how hard life gets #whenwebreak


i've always underestimated the power of good music music with meaningful lyrics music that brings rest to a weary soul music with the...


you. that's it. you are enough on your own #whenwebreak


what i learned let me rephrase that, what i am still learning ~be kind to yourself #whenwebreak

one year of healing🌻

*warning for sensitive content- this post contains photos of blood and surgery What a year it has been. 365 days of growing. Growing...

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