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My Book is Coming Along

Wow- I have been endlessly working and searching for how to move forward. I got a rough copy of my book from Amazon (amazing to feel it and hold it). To see those words written down on paper is such a healing experience in itself, but I have been researching publishers to see if that avenue is a good fit. This work has become so important to me in all forms- whether it be seeing it in book form, physically healing, mentally processing or just continuing to find a way forward. It takes a lot of time and energy because after all there is no going back to how things used to be and that process takes time. I know I haven't been sharing as consistently as I would like, but it is my promise to myself to become consistent. I go TDY/deploy very soon (Nov 16) and this piece of work is going to become my main priority. I will keep all my writings here on the blog, but transition it into my journal of travels as well. More to come on that! For now, I wanted to share a short writing that really resonates with me from my accident.

"because of covid i found that my greatest comfort is wearing a mask when i go out in public and no one really thinks twice about what i am hidding underneath"

As for my book, I hope I find a direction soon. If not it will be available on Amazon by Dec! Thanks kindly:) -Jenny Lou

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I'm Jen. My husband calls me Jenny Lou, that's where the blog name comes from:) I am a cargo pilot in the Air Force and in my free time I love to create, write and be with my girls & people.

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