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pine trees

i’ve spent so much of my winter in the back country

learning the art of splitboarding

waking up before sunrise

putting on my skins and strapping my splitboard to my pack

layering on sunscreen and bandaids to cover my new scars

determined for that to not be the reason i don’t venture out

and i start my trek up the mountain

after i am done on the mountain for the day

i sit in the van surrounded by strong, beautiful pine trees

in the stillness and quiet

their short, waxy needles covered in feet of snow

& i can't help but wonder how they survive

in one of the harshest winters tahoe has ever seen

710 inches in one year which broke the 25 year record

but there they are- tall, green and resilient

standing strong because they have conserved their water in those tiny needles

& i can't help but think this type of survival is found in humans too

we are under so much pressure, dealing with more than we’ve ever handled

navigating life in this modern culture

but we need to be like the pine trees

surviving even when its a record breaking year

remaining present as we navigate these new storms and challenges

finding it stored deep within us to keep going

not comparing this years storm to others

because you are stronger than you think

you are more resilient

and you can make it through your own record breaking winter


written sitting in our van, Jolene, after touring Mt Tallac Jan 2023

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